Corona Virus Update

New Men,
The NSW Men’s Health & Wellbeing Association, is as impacted by the outbreak of corona virus as all other organisations. Our plans for this year’s Sydney National Men’s Gathering must change in order to meet the requirements imposed on our communities by this virus. We are unwilling to compromise on either the quality of experience of the men who attend our gatherings or our duty of care to the communities of which we are a part and that we serve.
Therefore, as leaders in men’s work and in our communities we have taken the difficult decision to postpone SNMG 2020. The new tentative date is the NSW October long weekend 2nd to 5th October 2020. This date is dependent on the status of the corona virus pandemic at that time.
Those who have purchased tickets to SNMG 2020 can contact us regarding refund or credit toward our next gathering by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 0473 347 614.
We will be using this unexpected extra planning time to build a better SNMG and communities of practice around our work.
We look forward to welcoming you into our circles again soon.

What is NewMen

NSW Men's Health & Wellbeing Association Inc (NewMen - for short) is a community organization, incorporated as an Association, based in Sydney, New South Wales. It is a self-funded and wholly independent non-profit entity, run by volunteers (see About Us).

Our maxim is 'living on purpose' and we are dedicated to building communities of good men and supporting their wellbeing towards evolving a healthy model of masculinity across Australia and New Zealand. We do this through the provision of services and the promotion of workshops, gatherings, education programs and coaching, on issues relevant to both men and boys. These projects provide the safety, non-judgment and confidentiality that fosters personal growth and positive change.

We advocate on behalf of men and boys to grow awareness of the issues that affect their wellbeing and healthy development, and foster mutual support through the building of networks and the provision of links to like-minded organizations.

We are committed to the provision of nurture, support and respect, through the mythopoetic nature of our 'men's work', and to mentoring boys into manhood.

We are also active in 'Men's Work' through facilitating and growing Men's Circles (see Men's Groups).

NewMen wish to acknowledge the many wives, women partners and girlfriends, of the men attending our gatherings, for their ongoing support and acknowledgement of the value of this self-development (EQ) work, intrinsic to the wellbeing of their men and that of their families and communities. It is often through the encouragement of these women that their men allow themselves the time and the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their emotional lives and in so doing make better (more whole) men of themselves.

NewMen is, currently, focusing on the promotion and auspicing of an annual Sydney National Men's Gathering. These gatherings distinguish themselves from other men's gatherings through the adherence to a single theme throughout the gathering, thereby not dissipating the energy of the enrichment processes by breaking to other 'workshops'. The gatherings are held in the Blue Mountains 1.5hrs drive west of the Sydney CBD, and are attended by men from all across Australia and New Zealand. These gatherings provide men with a unique opportunity to learn, grow and challenge what it means to be a good man in the 21st Century (for more information about NewMen gatherings please see Sydney National Men's Gathering).

NewMen doesn't discriminate on the grounds of religious faith, colour, orientation, or background. As an Association we are not aligned to any ideology, creed or political persuasion. If you'd like to know more, please contact us.

NewMen wishes to acknowledge TasMen, their brother organisation in Tasmania, for their assistance and ongoing support.

Calendar of upcoming Men’s Gatherings

Sydney National Men’s Gathering

(Postponed Due to Corona Virus)
(5-8 June 2020)
Katoomba, NSW

Note: Click on Sydney National Men's Gathering link for more info.



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