NSW Men's Health and Wellbeing Association


NSW Men's Health & Wellbeing Association Inc (or "NewMen" for short) is a community organization, incorporated as an Association, based in Sydney, New South Wales. It is a self-funded and wholly independent non-profit entity, run by volunteers (see below).

Our maxim is 'living on purpose' and we are dedicated to building communities of good men and supporting their wellbeing towards evolving a healthy model of masculinity across Australia and New Zealand. We do this through the provision of services and the promotion of workshops, gatherings, education programs and coaching, on issues relevant to both men and boys. These projects provide the safety, non-judgment and confidentiality that fosters personal growth and positive change.

We advocate on behalf of men and boys to grow awareness of the issues that affect their wellbeing and healthy development, and foster mutual support through the building of networks and the provision of links to like-minded organizations.

We are committed to the provision of nurture, support and respect, through the mythopoetic nature of our 'men's work', and to mentoring boys into manhood.

We are also active in 'Men's Work' through facilitating and growing Men's Circles (see Men's Groups).

NewMen is currently focusing on the promotion and auspiceing of an annual Sydney National Men's Gathering. These gatherings distinguish themselves from other men's gatherings through the adherence to a single theme throughout the gathering, thereby not dissipating the energy of the enrichment processes by breaking to other 'workshops'. The gatherings are held in the Blue Mountains 1.5hrs drive west of the Sydney CBD, and are attended by men from all across Australia and New Zealand. These gatherings provide men with a unique opportunity to learn, grow and challenge what it means to be a good man in the 21st Century (for more information about NewMen gatherings please see Men's Gatherings).

NewMen projects include ©'Threshold', a program run by a circle of elder men who are committed to the purpose of making a difference through intergenerational engagement with boys on the threshold of manhood. This purpose aims to build healthy communities through mentoring and active engagement with schoolboys. Threshold achieves this through training elder men to mentor and to facilitate workshops and young men's circles, in schools. This project is currently seeking funding and is thus on hold pending. (See the Threshold page for more information about ©'Threshold').

NewMen doesn't discriminate on the grounds of religious faith, colour, orientation, or background. As an Association we are not aligned to any ideology, creed or political persuasion and don’t either, as an entity, opinionate or advocate on such. If you'd like to know more, please contact us.


NSWMHWA Board members are volunteers. Meet the current Board members 2017 / 2018:

Brendan Sullivan

Brendan SullivanBrendan Sullivan

Brendan, a mature age Taswegian, is passionate and committed to making a difference to the quality of human life, and especially to the lives of men and boys.

Brendan is currently an Executive Coach with decades of senior management experience in manufacturing, distribution and sales organisations. Over the years, Brendan has created and chaired several organisations representing groups of marginalised people and building social capital. He is accredited in several coaching and human development modalities including Telephone Crisis Support with Lifeline.

As a co-founder and Life Member of the Tasmanian Men’s Health & Wellbeing Association Inc - host of the nationally recognised Tasmanian Men’s Gathering - he has many years’ experience in advocating for 'Men’s Wellbeing' issues nationally, and running developmental workshops for men and boys in both community and business environments.

One of Brendan's most valuable projects was a Mentoring Service he initiated in Tasmania. This service, provided to high school age boys, provided a safe environment of deep connection where boys could discuss important issues relevant to their lives. He believes that the lived experience of older men adds considerable value to the lives of boys.

Brendan is currently involved in developing a new model of Eldering in Australia, by encouraging older men to “pay forward” and bring value to the lives of younger men and boys through the development of a healthier male paradigm. He believes that, in promoting healthier models of masculinity, men will create and sustain healthier communities. He is committed to the provision of the Threshold Service nationally.



David Williams

David WilliamsDavid Williams - 2017

David is a deeply trusting soul, and being open and vulnerable to circumstance, he's had an exceptionally full life. Although he had a somewhat privileged upbringing, as an army conscript, serving with the 1st Parachute Battalion, he suffered hardship and learnt to endure.

He's sailed three oceans and charter operated a 63' schooner he built in the 70’s, he’s travelled extensively, earned his living in seven countries on five continents, been self-employed most of his life, built houses he's designed, founded companies and started businesses creating employment, and most recently, as a project director and program manager, delivered numerous major works projects, for all three levels of Australian government.

But, more relevantly, David has spent most of his adult life in self-development work - from the early years of 'Interaction' encounter groups in the late 60’s in London, to the more recent 90's modalities of Non-Violent Communication, and 'mytho-poetic' Men's Work. His well-developed EQ comes from nearly three decades in men's-circles. This has given him a personal competence, self-awareness and deep understanding of other people's behaviours, feelings, needs and motivations.

David, now being of mature age, is passionate about personal agency and making a difference. His dictum is 'Living on Purpose' by being there for others - being present with intent, listening without judgement, and sharing from the heart.




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