The 2019 Sydney National Men’s Gathering (SNMG)


7th – 10th June 2019

From birth, most of us are moulded and groomed to be as others want us to be. We are groomed by parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, principals, priests, partners and others. They want us to be successful, clever, safe and to honour those who invest in us, setting up our energetic debt (this support sometimes manifesting as ‘abuse’).

All this is perhaps natural, but, as a result, our true nature can be hidden, suppressed and forgotten - especially by ourselves. This investment in us is to be welcomed and appreciated - while buried inside is a seed of greatness and worth waiting for a germination that may never come - as it lies in the soil of a garden dominated by choking overgrowth, moisture-theft and light deprivation.

Many of these behaviours, attitudes, conditionings, beliefs, philosophies, plans and endeavours have brought us here, but might not have much value in our potentially more meaningful future. We can be in the habit of ‘take on, take on and take on’ as per our conditioned approach, whereas developing a habit of ‘let go, let go and let go’ frees up space and potential for our true nature and self to show ourselves and others who we really are – way beyond the trappings of ‘doing’ and ‘having’.

UN-BECOMING starts a process of progressive letting go of conditioning, information, rationalisation and beliefs that no longer serve us – opening a space of potentiality in which our true selves can begin to dance our original fulfilling purpose.

Check in: from 4pm to 6pm on Friday 7th June
Check out: 3pm Monday 10th June

Venue: Karuna Sanctuary, Saywell Road, Katoomba, NSW 2780

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