Men's Groups

What does a Men's Group (or Men's Circle) look like?

Traditionally a Men's Circle comprises a small group of 6 - 12 men. Although a typical Men's Group may consist of up to 20 men, or more, it is seldom the case that all members of the group pitch up to the same circle.

These circles generally meet fortnightly for set periods of approximately 2hrs. Flexibility is generally allowed so that each meeting may reach completion in a satisfactory manner.
See: 'A Men's Group Agreement' and other explanatory documents attached.

Group Safety:

A Men's Circle must be a safe place for openness. There is neither uninvited physical contact, nor abusing, nor rationalising. Argument is to be avoided, as is opinion, explanation, advising, fixing and rescuing.


Men's Circles keep in confidence what is shared. What's shared in 'sacred space' remains in that space.


It is vitally important that all members model respect. Setting aside judgement shows respect and acceptance of the speaker. It also encourages self-acceptance and self-respect.

(See A Men's Group Agreement attached).

Other Groups

See the Men's Group Directory for men's groups elsewhere in Australia and around the globe.

Men's Work

This morning I’ve been thinking
How much I love the way some men
Keep working with their bills. You’ve been
Alone in the woods, heard that knocking sound
Far off. It’s one of them.

If you’re going to follow your beak
Back to childhood, then the food you’re looking for
Will be far beneath the bark. The beak is so
Close to the brain that some men will want to
Call the whole thing off.

Men who work like this sometimes live in acres
Of scrub trees. I like that cheerful sound.
"Not many people here." "Woodpecker
Friend, call me or I’ll call you. How’s
That wood?" "Hard but wormy."



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